Since 1960, a meeting point


We have come a long way in the last fifty years together with our employees and our customers. From 1960 to the present have been many changes experienced by the restaurant Vanin and in this ever-changing, we never lost sight of our cardinal points: respect for the client and love for our work.

Looking to the West

For best results it takes great men and great teams. Only being able to form a group and motivated, you can reach high levels and thus be able to meet the expectations of the customer. Each employee of the restaurant Vanin know that their work is crucial to achieving the objectives.

Looking to the South

We have a great passion for our work, we realize that listening to and satisfy our customer. It is a passion that the restaurant Vanin with the “Paron Basilio” continually puts to create and offer new dishes, to make the customer satisfied with their choices.


Looking to the East

The results are never by chance, are always the result of commitment and sacrifice that we loving our work and in realizing and enhancing our products, the continued professional growth, recognizing that each of us must do its part to contribute to the results to be achieved.